Carissa Kalia Heinrichs
Alternative Photographic ProcessesYou Are HereLetterpressStationDigital Photography
I could say that I am “here” and refer to an infinite locale. I carry with me the particles of each place I go, permanently engraved into my matrix, and yet I claim to be the cartographer. I create in order to contemplate a vast uncertainty of boundaries.

My work explores the containment of place and time, navigating the struggle between distinguishing and extinguishing boundaries, which evolve from each factor re-contextualizing the other. I am drawn to the dynamics between confinement of place and the traversal through space, with denizens and environment in constant reformulation of one another.

I approach this consolidation through a mixture of printmaking and alternative photographic processes, with the infusion of structural form and fibers substrates. I am drawn to the continual convergence of stable dwelling and transitory movement through the compilation of time, paralleled with accumulated media processes from hybrid dated origins. I often spend an extensive amount of time with the process of each medium, allowing the process to become its own form of place-setting.

We see a place. We name it. We see the same place, only bigger, and we name it something else. We estrange the one into two, and pretend they never met. Then, we use them as waiting areas and spaces to cross. And, thus, I am “here” and you are “there”, but we’re always in between.